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Here are some great drum corps and drum corps-related links that you may find interesting. Some are for drum corps from back in the 60s, some are drum corps that are still active, and some are just plain old useful sites.

Please check out these great sites!

Click on the either the icon or the name to take yourself there.
De La Salle History
De La Salle History
St Kevins Emerald Knights
New site for SKEK!!
The Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni Corps
Great Corps!
New York Skyliners Alumni
A great senior corps from the Vanguard's past - still playing Dreitzer!
The Chicago Royal Airs
Check out my friend Bob Doran's Royal Airs website! Lots of great photos and history!
Chicago Royal Airs (Official Site)
The OFFICIAL Royal Airs website
Sky Ryders Alumni
Another great Sky Ryders Site - Great Pics!
Cedar Rapids Cadets
Cedar Rapids Cadets
The Millstadt Crusaders
A Great Illinois Corps From the 50's and 60's! Check out their website! Great photos and history!
DeLaSalle Oakland Crusaders Alumni
Visit Our Friends From the 60's - the DeLaSalle Oakland Crusaders Alumni - Hosted by My Friend Peter Mosely. Great Site!
Giles YellowJackets
Check out the Giles YellowJackets new website - hosted by Toni O'Kelley-Pope!
The Holy Name Cadets
The historical site for the original Garfield cadets. Check it Out!!!
Boys of 76
A great senior corps historical site of the Boys of 76 - More great photos and history!
The Velvet Knights Alumni Corps
Check this out!
Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights
What a great corps this was, and still are! They kicked butt at DCA in Scranton this year!
The Norwood Park Imperials
Check out our old friends the Norwood Park Imperials on their website! Great photos and history!
The Boston Crusaders Senior Corps
A Very Interesting Site! And Still A Great Corps
27th Lancers
Remember this corps? Formerly known as the I.C. Reveries? They were GREAT in '68!
Belleville Black Knights
Check out our old friends the Belleville Black Knights on their website! Great photos and history!
St. Rocco's Cadets
One of Hy Dreitzer's Great New York Junior Corps. They have a fabulous historical website too!
St Rita's Brassmen
St Ritas Brassmen - a GREAT corps from Brooklyn from
The Selden Cadets Alumni Sight
The Selden Cadets from NY
Racine Kilties Alumni
A great junior corps alumni site of the Racine Kilties - Great photos and history!
Minisink Warriors
This was a GREAT corps - whether you remember them as the Minisink Warriors or the CMCC Warriors. Check this site out right away!
Florida Brass Alumni Corps
Great New Florida-Based Alumni Senior Corps
From Bayonne, NJ - a corps with a GREAT history - and they're BACK!
St. Raphael's Golden Buccaneers, Bridgeport, Connecticut
A Great East Coast Junior Corps From the 60s
Blue Rock
A great corps from the Vanguard's past
Mighty St Joes
Another great corps from the 60's who are now in
Park City Pride
A Great Corps of Great Alumni - Including Bridgeport PAL - Check it out!
Bridgeport PAL Cadets
Another Great Connecticut Corps from the 60s
St Mary's Cardinals
A GREAT corps form the 60's - check out this website!
Anaheim Kingsmen
One of the original GREAT California corps - Don Hertel is there now
Ottawa Crusaders History Site
Check out our old friends the Ottawa Crusaders on their website! Great photos and history!
Madison Scouts Junior Corps
The Madison Scouts Junior Corps Website
The Sky Ryders
The SkyRyders were always a great corps and now have a great website - check it out!
Syracuse Brigadiers
A Great DCA Corps - This Corps Rocks!
Connecticut Hurricanes
Great Tradition and Still a Great Senior Corps in DCA
Hawthorne Caballeros
This senior corps has been the best in the business as long as anyone can remember.
The Reading Buccaneers
This DCA Coprs was GREAT at Scranton
San Francisco Renegades
If you haven't seen the GREAT corps, at least check out their site - and order a CD!
The Corps Reps Database
The Reilly Raiders
The Reilly Raiders Senior Corps
Toronto Optimists
Check Out This Great Corps From Back in the 50s & 60s - Now an Alumni Corps!
Drum Corps Associates
Drum Corps for REAL drum corps
Drum Corps International
DCM - Drum Corps Midwest
Visit the DCM website and our friend from way back, Mr Roman Blenski
Drum Corps World
Drum Corps World - An official supporter of the Vanguard Website - and great folks, too!
Fleetwood Records
Fleetwood Records from the good old days is back and cranking out those great old albums on CD. Check them out on their new website!
Drum Corps Planet
Drum Corps Planet - Great Database and Discussion Groups
Michael Deane Photography
Mike Deane - Vanguard Drum Major and GREAT Photographer - see all those great Reunion Photos? Mike took most of them - Check out his work (and give him your business)!
Mr. Moe Knox
Like the photos on this site? Many of them are available from the undisputed king of Drum Corps Photography, Mr. Moe Knox.
Preserve Our Corps Memories
My friend, Glenn Weber, is a GREAT source for rare drum corps shows on CD or MP3 at a great price!
One Foot In The Groove
Check out Bill O'Connell's One Foot In The Groove Website!
Check Out Dave Hill's Website - Lots of Kewl Stuff!
Vincent Chancey
Check Out Vincent's Great Site!
Drum Corps History Book
Want to learn more about Vanguard History along with other corps? Stop by our friends at Drum Corps World and pick up a copy of volume 2 of
Des Plaines History Center
Check it out
Mr. Steve Fagiano’s Drum Page
Steve has a great website and offers great drumming stuff. Check it out!
Chicago Skyliners Jazz Band
Checkout Bill O'Connell's Chicago Skyliners website for tour and appearance information for his great band!
Free Kibble
Click here, go to the site and help some abandoned animals get some food.

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